A small, intimate wedding for two people who truly know the meaning of family.  What a journey they have been through so far; a fantastic foundation for the rest of their lives.  Congratulations you two!BLOG1ShellyWedding David & Carrlyns Backyard Wedding

BLOG2ShellyWedding 85 David & Carrlyns Backyard Wedding

BLOG2bShellyWedding 194 David & Carrlyns Backyard Wedding

BLOG3ShellyWedding 212 David & Carrlyns Backyard Wedding





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60 Years Wedded

September 30, 2014

There’s hardly an Earthly celebration more heartwarming than a couple celebrating a landmark anniversary.  And six decades is just that landmark.  Congratulations Olasons!  Wishing you many lively years ahead.

Olason60thCelebBlog1 60 Years Wedded

Olason60thCelebBlog2 60 Years Wedded

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What troopers!  To say the very least.

After dragging them through sandy, pebbly beaches and stickery grasses, we ended up disrupting a bees nest in the ground.  We had 12 stings between the 4 of us with Katherine taking the brunt of  them.  And despite that, these two walked away smiling!

Congratulations on another year together!

PersingerBLOG Darin & Katherines Anniversary

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Senior Claire – 2015

September 17, 2014

Claire, I am so very proud of you; who you are and where you’re headed.  You have an unquenchable joy and a soaring spirit and love just oozes from you!  I feel so fortunate to have followed you up to Baker and down to Henderson Books with my camera and help capture your final year of high school.  Thanks for showing your true colors!  I am one lucky aunt.

SRClaireBlog1 Senior Claire   2015

SRClaireBlog2 Senior Claire   2015


Senior Gretchen – 2015

September 12, 2014

At the crack of dawn we waited by the side of a field for the rain to choose its course.  Thankfully, as the sky grew lighter, the clouds held their moisture and we had an hour window to dance in the tall grasses to some of Gretchen’s favorite tunes.  And we made it, barely, before the drops began to fall.

A couple of weeks later, Larrabee called to us, as did the resident gulls.  Thanks Gretchen, and crazy supportive family gals, for such an easy and relaxing couple of sessions.

SRGretchenBlog1 Senior Gretchen   2015

SRGretchenBlog2 Senior Gretchen   2015

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45 Years Wedded

September 4, 2014

This couple is so incredibly blessed to have the family and love that surrounds them.  But it wasn’t all luck.  They have been instrumental in the lives of many showing them that with a lot of work and a lot of love, happiness can be part of the everyday marriage experience.  It was a real pleasure to take part in celebrating 45 years with this Blaine couple.  Congratulations Paul and Pam!

45thAnniversaryBlog1 45 Years Wedded 45thAnniversaryBlog2 45 Years Wedded

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Senior Lil

February 25, 2014

Not only is this girl lovely on the exterior, she’s got a heart of gold and a boat load of talent!  She’s got an innate writing talent that she’s honed to become one of the best young authors I’ve known.  And, I am holding out to do a character session of Lil as Harper Lee. I can’t wait!

SR LOlasonBlog Senior Lil

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January 26, 2014

… I was blessed with an afternoon around dear, dear friends.

WilcoxFisherFamily2013Blog DOWN BY THE BAY...


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Justin + Jessica

January 20, 2014

This October 5 wedding finally united a couple that had been separated for some time due to deployment responsibilities.  The deep breath of relief and overwhelming joy permeated the air.  It was truly a joyous celebration.  Congratulations Justin and Jessica!

KeattsWeddingBlog1 Justin + Jessica

KeattsWeddingBlog2 Justin + Jessica

KeattsWeddingBlog3 Justin + Jessica

KeattsWeddingBlog4 Justin + Jessica

KeattsWeddingBlog5 Justin + Jessica

KeattsWeddingBlog6 Justin + Jessica

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Michael + Bethany

October 3, 2013

Bethany sat in a desk in my 8th grade classroom a number of years ago.  And this summer, I had the amazing privilege of being part of her wedding day.  What a fine, fine woman you’ve grown into!

Congratulations to both of you Michael and Bethany!

LenWeddingBlog1 Michael + Bethany

LenWeddingBlog2 Michael + Bethany

LenWeddingBlog2b Michael + Bethany

LenWeddingBlog2c Michael + Bethany

LenWeddingBlog4 Michael + Bethany

LenWeddingBlog5 Michael + Bethany

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